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A web development and IT management firm with a difference - and a passion for cycling

Our small core team has a long track record of delivering excellent results for clients from the business and not-for-profit sectors.

With a focus on skilled listening and long-term relationships, we deploy skills in websites and communications, databases, business analysis and project management.

We also make use of the skills of a wider group of trusted suppliers in the areas of:

  • app development
  • graphic design, branding/identity
  • technical writing
  • IT infrastructure and support


See below for more on our trusted suppliers in the areas of graphic design and technical writing.

Earle Barber of Foil Media Inc.

Earle Barber, Technical Development

Earle has been in the IT industry for over 35 years, including ten years of experience in direct marketing. With core skills in project management, database design, user support and business intelligence, Earle brings a lot to the table every time we sit down with a client to discuss their project. Earle is constantly focused on achieving the simplest solution for maximum impact.

Outside of business hours, Earle is a keen cyclist (he's the one on the cool Canadian recumbent), gardener and all-round problem solver. He and Dagne have built their business to maximise the time they have for their family, a theme they find resonates well with every client they have worked with.

Dagne Forrest of Foil Media Inc.

Dagne Forrest, Content Development

Dagne has been writing and editing content, specifying design and development, and managing websites for the past 20 years.

Dagne has special experience of the philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors, as well as an increasingly diverse range of business industries. She loves the day to day contact with clients and helping them to meet their goals on the web.

When not at work, Dagne can be found writing poetry, deep in a good book, growing or cooking food, or out on her bike.

Identity and Graphic Design

Due to the diverse nature of our clients and their needs, we work with a stable of first-class graphic designers who can meet our clients' branding and grahic design requirements. We provide graphic design services for the full range of print and electronic media, and also have strong relationships with trusted printers.

We have a special relationship with a local design firm when working with clients in Lanark County:

Sumack Loft focuses on creative projects that require both innovative thinking and a systematic approach. In the words of owner Auni Milne: "Our goal is to help our clients improve the design, clarity and consistency of their communications. Working together, we distill complex information into clear messaging. Let us assist you with your marketing and communications projects; including branding, print design, web design, illustration, and art direction".

Did you know our first meeting is always free?

No kidding! We don't tend to respond to blanket RFPs, because rarely does any organization have its head sufficiently around its requirements to request quotes that will enable them to compare apples with apples.

We encourage all prospective clients to take a couple of hours to sit down with us to get into the nitty gritty of their project, as well as to share their larger goals and plans. From this, we can usually work towards a relevant and appropriately costed proposal.

If nothing else, prospective clients walk away with some excellent, free ideas. In the best case scenarios, we discover that we'd work really well together and can visit our Portfolio page to see what we can accomplish.